Essential Mathematics for Games and Interactive Applications by James M. Van Verth, Lars M. Bishop

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August 26, 2015
Publisher: A K Peters/CRC Press
ISBN: 978-0321623218


Web Resources (

  • book source code
  • supporting libraries with full source code
  • interactive demonstrations that illustrate the concepts and enable you to experiment with animation and simulation applications
  • slides and notes from the authors’ GDC tutorials
  • a core math library IvMath
  • a spline curves library IvCurves
  • collision data structures and algorithms IvCollision
  • an engine IvEngine (an application framework, basic rendering, input handling, timer functionality)
  • a low-level rendering API IvGraphics

The rendering system is implemented using OpenGL as well as Direct3D 11.

Representing real numbers: fixed-point numbers, precision and error, relative error, floating-point numbers (mantissa and exponent), scientific notation, IEEE 754 floating-point standard, comparing floating-point numbers, double precision, half precision, internal FPU precision