Fire the rockets against laser beams, sputniks, airplanes, flying saucers, and alien bombs and defend your cities in this rustic version of the classic arcade game Missile Command.

Download WBS Missile Command Windows Installer

There are 30 levels. The background color changes every three levels. The alien spaceships show up gradually, for example, the plane shows up first time on the third level.

Spaceship Level Points Special features
Plane 3 5 points Shoots laser beams
Sputnik 7 7 points Shoots laser beams
SplitBeam 10 5 points Splits into multiple laser beams
Saucer 13 10 points Moves up and down
AlienBomb 16 20 points Always targets a city


How to Play

With a mouse and/or a keyboard:

  • the left mouse button (or the left arrow key) fires the rockets from the left rocket station
  • the middle button (or the down arrow key) fires the rockets from the middle rocket station
  • the right button (or the right arrow key) fires the rockets from the right rocket station

Other keys:

  • P - pause
  • Esc - quit
  • any key - continue playing


High Score Table

To reset the high score table, remove the AppData.bin file located in C:\ProgramData\Wisenheimer Brainstorm\WBS Missile Command. Note that the folder C:\ProgramData is hidden.


Design and Implementation

A game canvas concept:
Game Canvas

UML diagrams:
Game UML

A class diagram:
Class Diagram

A Level Designer (WPF):
Level Designer

Launching a level in the Level Designer shows performance statistics and bounding boxes around elements:
Game Debug

Programming was done using C# and GDI+. No 3rd party game engine was used.

All graphics was created using Microsoft Paintbrush except the explosions that were generated using Phaedy - Explosion Generator.

Two more screenshots: